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Martial Arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for combat. While they may be studied for various reasons, Martial Arts share a single objective: to defeat one or more people physically and to defend oneself or others from physical threat. In addition, some Martial Arts are linked to spiritual or religious beliefs/philosophies such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism or Shinto, Confucianism, and even Islam (by Chinese Muslims) while others have their own spiritual or non-spiritual code of honour. Many arts are also practised competitively most commonly as combat sports, but may also be in the form of dance.While each style has unique facets that make it different from other Martial Arts, a common characteristic is the systemization of fighting techniques. Methods of training vary and may include sparring or forms (kata), which are sets or routines of techniques that are performed alone, or sometimes with a partner, and which are especially common in the Asian and Asian-derived Martial Arts.The word 'martial' derives from the name of Mars, the Roman god of war. The term 'Martial Arts' literally means arts of war. This term comes from 15th century Europeans who were referring to their own fighting arts that are today known as Historical European Martial Arts. A practitioner of Martial Arts is referred to as a martial artist.Inter-art competitions came to the fore again in 1993 with the first Ulitmate Fighting Championship this has since evolved into the modern sport of Mixed Martial Arts.As mentioned above, some Martial Arts in various cultures can be performed in dance-like settings for various reasons, such as for evoking ferocity in preparation for battle or showing off skill in a more stylized manner. Many such Martial Arts incorporate music, especially strong percussive rhythms.

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