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The term fruit has many different meanings depending on context. In botany, a fruit is the ripened ovary—together with seeds—of a flowering plant. In many species, the fruit incorporates the ripened ovary and the surrounding tissues. Fruits are the means by which flowering plants disseminate seeds.Although the word fruit has limited use in cooking, in reality a great many common vegetables, as well as nuts and grains, are botanically speaking, the Fruits of various plant species. No single terminology really fits the enormous variety that is found among plant Fruits. The cuisine terminology for Fruits is quite inexact and is likely to remain so.Simple Fruits can be either dry or fleshy, and result from the ripening of a simple or compound ovary with only one pistil. Dry Fruits may be either dehiscent (opening to discharge seeds), or indehiscent (not opening to discharge seeds). Types of dry, simple Fruits, with examples of each, are:Some Fruits have coats covered with spikes or hooked burrs, either to prevent themselves from being eaten by animals or to stick to the hairs, feathers or legs of animals, using them as dispersal agents. Examples include cocklebur and unicorn plant.

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